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I was asked to create a page to present our free courses for clients. I needed to present an agenda of the courses and create easy access to each course’s details.

I decided to go with a tabbed area for the agenda that was easily interchangeable between future courses and courses that were currently running. Since the details were more permanent I decided to list them on the right hand side with their respective icon, with the possibility of clicking on each to open up a modal box using fancybox.

The results have been positive and clients have come to depend on the page for information and updates. Our clients are always asking when the new course timelines come out for each season when we are still organising the agenda.

Client: El Corte Inglés (

Formats: Landing page

Tools/skills: Photoshop | HTML | CSS | Jquery | Fancybox

Responsibilities: Design | Art Direction | Implementation


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