Designers, a call to arms!

This has been building up for a while now, but the moment or point when it all really started rising to the surface was 2015 at the UXLx: UX Lisbon conference.

Amongst a series of great talks was a particular talk by Lisa Welchman inciting designers to rise and take up creative arms, so to speak.

The idea was once again brought up at this year’s event by Alan Cooper in an inspiring speech about how designers have the power to help shape a better world.

I remember talking with James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom (creators of UX Podcast) at the end of the day wrap up and all of us feeling overwhelmed.

Now, with a cooler head

A couple of months have passed, so now I can look back and consider what was said etc. more objectively.

Of course I felt inspired to go out and change the world, but life isn’t always helpful and things always seem to get in the way.

Despite that, I have made many decisions on my projects since than dependendant on how it might make the world in general a better place and hopefully bring more value to people’s lives.

Let’s start doing something about it.

So here’s the thing, I want to do more.

Do I have the time? Of course not.

Do I have the money? Unfortunately not.

What I can offer is my expertise. My knowledge and my experience, much like most designers I know. So I want to help with causes or ideas that will make people’s lives better and the world a better place.

I’m also asking that other designers join me in this venture. No set amount of time or money, just whatever we can give.

1. If you know of a cause in need of a UX strategist or researcher, let me know.

2. If you know of a cause that needs other types of designers, let me know.

3. If you are someone who wants to join me on this venture, let me know.

4. If you have a worthy problem that you just need to brainstorm through with me, let me know.

5. When I say designers, I mean any kind of design. Do you create software or program apps? You’re a kind of designer, so you are included 😉

I hope this doesn’t fall through the cracks and hopefully this is the start of something beyond us just trying to create pretty things…

EDIT: I have since been pointed in the direction of @UXForChange. I’ve signed up as both a mentor and for projects. I’ve also offered my services to help grow the initiative. Hopefully this is the first step in helping make the world a littel better.

I completely believe that it’s hundreds of small things that can make the BIG differences, so start your small steps today!

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