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One of the hardest things to put together is a good list of newsletters to receive.¬†I believe a good newsletter has to have content that will make you want to open it every time and that is easy to read. Over the past few years I’ve built up a list and although some overlap on one or two of the articles shared, overall they manage to remain quite diverse.

I’ve chosen these because they generally grab articles from all over the web from some of the most respected resources. I thought I would share it for anyone that might be interested.

Do I read all the article? No, I usually skim through the ones that peak my interest and go deeper into the ones that are really on something I need at the time. What I do is share all the articles on twitter that seem the slightest bit interesting, sometimes to read later or when I need it. I’ve also setup a IFTTT recipe that sends all those tweets to a document in my Google Drive. That way, when I need I can do a quick search for what I’m looking at ūüėČ

It’s come in really handy!

(I’ll be updating this list as I change my sign up list or add to it)

UX news and links:

Adaptive labs

Digital Telepathy

Interaction Design Foundation

Invision App

Sarah Doody (Great weekly newsletter with some real life stories and advice)

User Testing

User Zoom (One of my most recent sign ups, but incredible articles every time)

UX Beginner (Oz Chen has created a community around UX Designers who are starting out and he shares his thoughts and adventures with us)

UXDesign CC

UX Design Weekly

UX Pin (The guys at UXPin are always sending great articles and occasionally free e-books. Great value!)

Inspiration and design news:

Creative Bloq

Material Up (Great news, inspiration and resources for anyone interested in Material Design)

Webdesigner Depot

Web Designer News (Also has UX related news)

UX Archive (Great archive of UI interactions and layouts of various mobile apps)



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